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Year-end Special 2023 | Refond Optoelectronics: Technology Innovation Leading a New Journey


In 2023, Refond focused on innovation, moving forward with determination, maintaining strategic stability, and leading the industry with forward-looking arrangements. Throughout the year, Refond has been laden with honors, expanding its horizons, and showcasing a sense of responsibility. Let's review together the brilliant and shining highlights of Refond, a journey marked by collective strength and resilience.

Forward-looking Layout, Innovative Development

In 2023, Refond Optoelectronics achieved remarkable results in both hardware and software technologies and innovative research and development. Seventeen new patents were granted, including "A Transparent Screen and Vehicle," "A Flashlight Source Structure and Lamp Board," and "A Packaging Structure and Lamp Board," representing a 6.25% increase compared to the same period last year.

patent certificate

Refond has consistently adhered to innovation leadership, expanding industry applications with innovative solutions and continuously enriching its product range:

Providing solutions for automotive lighting and in-car display systems.

Dedicated to intelligent interactive automotive LED lighting and display, Refond has a comprehensive automotive-grade LED product system. Breakthroughs have been achieved in multiple application scenarios, offering solutions for both overall vehicle lighting and in-car displays. All LED light sources have obtained AEC-Q102 automotive-grade certification.

Mini LED Ambient Light Solution

Featuring an extremely thin and flexible design, the built-in Mini LED high-density point light source provides uniform illumination. It allows for the adjustment of the wavelength, color, and brightness of the light source based on factors such as temperature, vehicle speed, driving environment, etc., providing a comfortable and intelligent driving space.